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Mowing Service

Temperatures are rising, days are getting longer, and you may want to start mowing your lawn soon. If you have already planted Bermuda grass, it will start to come back on its own when temperatures reach over 80 degrees for several days. The goal is to get the soil temperature to 65 or 70 degrees. Which is right about now.

While your grass is first coming in, you may not notice much growth. But once temperatures regularly hit 90 degrees, you’ll see the growth pick up. In Arizona, as the temperatures increase, watering should become more frequent. The following watering schedule is recommended:

  • April – water every 7 days
  • May – water every 4 days
  • June – water every 3 days
  • July – water every 3 days
  • August – water every 4 days
  • September – water every 4 days
  • October – water every 6 days

As a result of the perfect mix of water and sun, your grass will grow fairly quickly throughout the summer months. But be careful not to take too much off the top when mowing. The mowing height for Common Bermuda grass is between 1.5-2 inches. It’s important not to cut the grass too short. It is recommended that no more than one-third of the grass be cut each mowing. This will protect the roots, the soil and the top of the grass. Basically, this will help your grass be beautiful, healthy, and green. As the temperatures start to cool in the fall, mowing won’t be as frequent.

Bermuda grass is very hearty. It goes dormant in the fall, around September and then starts to grow again as early as April. If you don’t already have Bermuda planted and you want to start a lawn, now is the best time to plant. You don’t want it to be too hot. There are a variety of Bermuda grass types and some that are best for Arizona lawns. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about Bermuda grass. We’d be happy to take a look at your yard to determine the best approach for your lawn and yard.

If you’re getting ready for summer and your back yard needs a little sprucing up, give us a call.  We’ll make sure your yard is ready for the summer fun ahead.

Mowing Service

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