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Scottsdale lawn careOur Scottsdale lawn care service knows that insect infestation can be a challenging situation for some home owners during the summer. However, there are ways to keep pests from ruining your sod lawn.  Sod grass is also known as turf, or Bermuda grass.  Whatever variety you have, the following are some warning signs of pest invasions on your lawn which can help identify the type of insect causing problems:

  • Insects that are using turf as a home, but are not feeding on the plants. They create tunnels, piles of soil, and may sting or bite.
  • Bugs that have chewing mouth parts eat leaf tissue or cut off shoots. Turf becomes thin and has “bald” spots.
  • Insects that prune off roots underground, or take out root liquids that cause grass to wilt, turn yellow or brown, or stunts its growth.

J &D Scottsdale lawn care highly recommends taking care of these pesky problems pronto. Depending on the situation, there are a number of solutions to managing and treating bug-infested lawns. This can include pesticides, but you have to make sure the job is being done correctly. It takes more than simply applying chemicals on your grass. Our team at J&D Lawn service can help you determine the best mode of care for your lawn so you can get rid of these unwanted summer guests and get your lawn back into top condition.

If you are looking for some help with your bug-infested lawn or are just ready for some help in keeping your grass looking it’s best, you can end your search for Scottsdale lawn care service with us. J & D Lawn Service has 35 years of combined landscaping industry knowledge among our management team. Our Scottsdale lawn care service professionals are available to answer any questions you about controlling insect visitors in your sod yard and any other lawn care need you may have. Call us at 480.329.1031. We are here to help you keep your yard beautiful.