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best grass for ArizonaNew to Arizona? Don’t count yourself alone if you’re a bit bewildered about growing a lawn in the Phoenix area. But, you should know what the best grass for Arizona is so your lawn looks good year round. Bermuda and its varieties are the best grass for Arizona because it tolerates the unrelenting heat, sunshine and soil conditions better than other varieties. Bermuda thrives from May to October in elevations below 4,800 feet.

Even though Bermuda is well-suited for this climate, it does need proper care and attention that include:

Regular Mowing

To keep Bermuda looking its best, it should be kept between ½ and 1 ½ inches tall. Anything shorter will require more water.


It’s better in Arizona to water deeply once or twice a week rather than shallow watering daily. Deep watering allows the water to penetrate from six to eight inches between the soil surface, where it grows best. Shallow watering keeps the roots at the surface where the soil will dry out faster, stressing the grass. The soil is cooler below the surface and it holds onto more moisture beneath the surface.

Fertilizing and Soil Treatment

While it’s the best grass for Arizona, Bermuda does require regular feeding. It has a long growing season, ranging from April to November, and it appreciates regular fertilizing and soil treatments to combat the effects of the high salt content of the water in the Valley.


When the weather cools, Bermuda grass enters a dormancy phase and many homeowners opt for overseeding it with the best grass for Arizona in the winter, which is rye. We at J&D Lawn Service can prepare and seed your yard for your first few winters here, since the overseeding process does require precise timing and care to grow into a lush, green lawn.

Using Expert Help

The pros at J&D Lawn Service can help you with your lawn care in the Phoenix area. Growing and maintaining a beautiful landscape in this climate is rewarding, but certainly not without its challenges, especially since summer temperatures are extreme and soils are unique. Contact us today to learn more about the best grass for Arizona and how we can help you achieve a beautiful lawn year-round.