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best lawn care tipsWhile the monsoon brings much welcomed water for your lawn, some cloud cover and a drop in temperatures, it also prompts the weeds and seeds in your yard to flourish. The best lawn care tips from J&D Lawn Service to get through the monsoon without having to deal with back-breaking weeds include keeping it as healthy as possible and routinely mowed.

A healthy lawn has strong, deep roots and the grass is thick enough to stymie weed development. Weed seeds may sprout and start to appear, but a healthy lawn will choke out the weed before it has a chance to go to seed or reproduce from runners or suckers.

Keeping the Lawn Healthy

Lawns grow at a fast pace during the hot summers, and the pros at J&D Lawn Service follow the best lawn care tips. We keep it mowed at an optimal height, feed it regularly and help you manage a watering schedule. By carefully nurturing the turf, it’s far less likely to be vulnerable to weed growth.

Other Areas of Your Yard

Yards in the Valley often combine areas of turf with xeriscaped areas where the ground cover is stone or crushed gravel. These areas are particularly vulnerable during the monsoon to weeds. The easiest way to manage summertime weeds is to pull them by hand or use a hula hoe to sever the plant from its roots as soon as you see them.

Chemical Weed Killers

Herbicides that contain glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, will kill almost all the weeds in your yard, along with everything else. If you need to spray, look for an herbicide that kills broadleaf plants but leaves grasses unharmed. Another of the best lawn care tips from J&D Lawn Service is to know what kind of turf you have and read the labels carefully. St. Augustine grass is a variety found in the Valley that has a higher sensitivity to herbicides than Bermuda grass, the more common type.

For more of the best lawn care tips and top-notch yard management for all seasons, contact us at J&D Lawn Service today.