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acreage lawn careAcreage lawn care is very similar to landscaping for a suburban home. With a few differences. With suburban homes, landscaping is traditionally manicured and groomed or left natural with a bit of polishing. In most cases, the landscaped area isn’t very large so it naturally flows as an extension of the home.

With acreage lawn care, you have a lot of space but you also may want to bring the space in a bit to feel like a natural extension of the home. It may sound challenging but it’s something that J&D Lawn Service excels at. Our owner, Jim, grew up on acreage in Iowa. He knows acreage landscaping. And he knows how to capitalize on space to make it look beautiful.

Whether for traditional landscaping or acreage lawn care, we get the job done right by listening closely to our clients. Communication is a priority for us. We’ll listen to your vision of your land and then suggest options to enhance it even more. In addition to trimming, planting, pruning and cutting, our team can do large-project work. It might be the addition, relocation or removal of trees and shrubs or adding sod or over seeding for a large, plush lawn. We have the right equipment and tools needed for both small and large projects. And we bring our ideas to the mix to create the best backyard extension for your home.

Of course in Arizona, the landscape also lends itself to a natural look. If you want to create a smaller space with your acreage lawn care and then let the rest be more of a natural look, we can help with that. Natural doesn’t have to mean untouched. We can clean up areas such as cactus gardens and remove debris to create a polished, natural look. Whichever look you prefer, we can get the job done right.

When it comes to acreage lawn care, you have many options and advantages. We’d love to help you bring your land to life. You have the home. You have the land. We have the expertise. Give us a call today.