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best lawn care serviceJuly 4th is the  great American holiday where family and friends get together to celebrate our country’s independence. Our team at J&D Lawn Service wants to make sure that you are ready for the big day with a beautiful, well-maintained lawn. But, aside from offering the best lawn care service in the Valley, we’d like to pass on some important tips for celebrating a fun — and safe — Independence Day:

  • Outdoor holiday decorations are a great idea and can add to the look of your yard – even if its had the best lawn care service. However, be mindful of placement, as some decorations have small parts or contain chemicals that can be dangerous to small children and animals.
  • Another thing to keep in mind with holiday decorations is flammability. Whether or not you are lighting off fireworks, avoid hanging these near hot outdoor lights or over the BBQ pit. Even the best lawn care service can’t make burnt holiday decorations look good, or mask the smell!
  • Cover food and beverages to deter bees and wasps from crashing your festivities. If you know a guest has allergic reactions to insect stings, you might want to make sure you have an emergency anaphylaxis kit on hand.
  • Keep alcohol away from curious pets and children. Alcohol poisoning is a big risk you don’t want to take.
  • When celebrating outside and enjoying the results of J&D’s best lawn care service, be sure to keep your guests hydrated. Heat-related illness is a greater risk with outdoor sports, too. Keep plenty of bottled/filtered water on hand.
  • If you are celebrating by the pool, always make sure that there are committed, sober, and experienced adult swimmers monitoring the area to prevent unnecessary drowning. It should go without saying, young children/toddlers are to be closely watched.
  • If you are hosting festivities at home, keep a fire extinguisher handy. Even if you aren’t popping fireworks (as most counties don’t allow it and not within city limits), blazing fire rockets from neighboring party-goers could become a hazard in your yard.
  • Finally, if the weather becomes unfavorable (it’s been a busy week for monsoons!), take your party inside. It’s best to stay safe when the weather is not cooperative.

J &D Lawn Service hopes these tips help to make your 4th of July a memorable one – in a good way! We offer the best lawn care service in the valley. Contact us so we can help you keep your yard in beautiful shape this summer.