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grass cuttingBelieve it or not, there is an art to grass cutting, especially for Bermuda varieties. For a green, healthy lawn, many home owners don’t know that there is an ideal grass length.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many lawns that aren’t as healthy as they could be because of how the grass has been mowed. Our team takes special care with lawns, making sure the length is just right. For Bermuda grass, if the grass is too long it can allow thatch to grow. For best results, it’s good to keep Bermuda grass one to one and a half inches long. When it’s time for grass cutting, it’s best not to mow more than 1/3 of the grass at a time. This will give the grass time to adjust and protect the crown. If you cut more than 1/3 of the grass at a time you can damage the crown, causing damage.

Another thing to watch out for with grass cutting is wet grass. Don’t mow your lawn if it’s rained or if the sprinkler system has been on. Cutting wet grass can damage your lawn, as well as your mower.

Like all other lawn equipment, mowers should be maintained on a regular basis. When it comes to mowers, the most important thing to remember is to have sharp blades. Dull, worn down blades can cause damage to the grass and make ragged cuts.

Many mowers have bag collectors attached to them. But this isn’t always needed. Many times, we’ll use grass clippings as a form of mulch. By putting the clippings back on the grass, we allow nutrients to remain in the lawn’s soil.

To do it right, grass cutting is more complicated than most people think. Our team at J&D Lawn Service can take the guess work out of your grass cutting. Our professional crews will make sure your lawn is mowed just right. Give us a call today to keep your grass looking its best this summer.