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landscapersIt’s peak scheduling season for landscapers, as homeowners gear up for spring seeding and planting. If you have one or more dogs, you know it’s hard to avoid the tell-tale brown spots on your pretty green lawn. For the best yard possible, it’s good to consider how your pets use the yard, then plan around it. That’s where our expert team at J&D Lawn Service can help. We will make sure your yard is ready for family (and pet-friendly) fun.

As noted in AllAboutLawns.com having a dog doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful yard. Three common outside issues with pets include 1) brown areas on the lawn where the dog has urinated, 2) digging, and, 3) potentially dangerous plants.

  1. Brown SpotsIf Fido’s urine has left brown spots on your lawn, don’t despair. There are a couple of fixes you can try. While the spots from urine may never completely go away, you can heavily water the spot and the area around it. This will help flush the urine’s high nitrogen levels from the soil, promoting new growth. Eventually the growth may fill in the brown spot. Frequent overall watering of the lawn can also help prevent urine spots. Seasoned landscapers like our team at J&D, can help figure out what will work best for your situation.
  2. DiggingIf your dog’s a digger, you know the frustration of planting a beautiful plant and then seeing it scattered around the yard a few days later. While it’s something dogs do naturally, digging can do damage to not only plants, but irrigation systems. One trick is to section off the yard and plants with small plastic fencing. Of course you can always leave a section for the dogs so they can safely fulfill their need to dig.
  3. Dangerous PlantsIn Arizona, the leaves and berries on many plants and shrubs can be potentially dangerous to our canine friends. Before planting a new addition in your yard, do some research on the plant to see if it has any pet warnings. Many landscapers will have a good idea of which plants are the most dangerous to your pets.

Our approach to lawn and yard care was borne in the Midwest.  It centers around your beautiful, green lawn.  As well, our landscapers get the job done through clear and ongoing communication with our clients. From scheduling to completion, we work closely with our clients to make sure their yard is everything they (and their pets) want it to be…and more!  Our job isn’t done until you are completely satisfied.  Give us call today.