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lawn care ScottsdaleDuring the hot Arizona summers, lawn care Scottsdale can be challenging. You might see local resorts or retail shops that have rich, green grass around them. How can this be, you might you ask? Besides regular maintenance by a professional lawn care crew like ours at J&D Lawn Service, those lawns have very little foot traffic. Unlike most residential lawns.

The average residence has a lawn that serves as a baseball field, a dog park, a bicycle track, a sunbathing spot and a Slip ‘n Slide waterpark. Without regular maintenance, it’s hard to keep an average lawn looking good. So how tough are things on the lawn such as a Slip ‘n Slide? Well, it’s very individual because the use of the Slip ‘n Slide can vary. If you leave the slide on the lawn for days at a time, the area of grass under the slide won’t get any sunlight and nutrients, and this can kill the grass. It’s recommend to always pick up the slide after use and store it away for the next time, even if it’s the next day. It might be a little more work but it’s going to be worth it when your grass stays healthy.

Besides the damage the long-term use of a Slip and Slide can do, for the most part the grass under the slide will bounce back once the slide is removed. There may be some areas where the grass has been pulled out from sliding a little to hard. If so, our lawn care Scottsdale includes overseeding those areas when appropriate to make sure it grows back and blends in with the existing grass.

Summer vacation should be fun. For both children and adults. And that fun is often centered around your yard. By taking just a few steps, you can ensure your lawn stays healthy all summer long. If you have any questions on how best to protect your lawn from the summer activities, give us a call. We can provide the lawn care Scottsdale that you need for a healthy lawn. Happy Summer from J&D Lawn Service!