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mesa lawn maintenanceMesa lawn maintenance during our hot and mostly dry summers may seem pointless. However, caring for your yard this season will ensure it looks great the rest of the year. A yard that isn’t well maintained and properly watered – no matter the season – is more prone to weeds, disease and pests.   Here are some tips for properly maintaining your yard this time of year:

  • Water during the cool morning hours to decrease the risk of evaporation.  Avoid peak water usage times – 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Watering times will depend on the weather, the type of turf and soil. We can advise you on what schedule will work best for your type of lawn.
  • Plant water use differs greatly throughout the year, so adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Arizona Meteorological Network is a great local resource for determining how much water your grass is using.
  • Aerating your yard is essential to proper Mesa lawn maintenance. Hard dense soil prevents root growth and can cause runoff. Aerating your soil will solve both of these problems. While the best time to aerate Bermuda, or sod grass, is in May or June, we can give you an assessment about what will work best for you.
  • Dethatching is also important for Mesa lawn maintenance. Thatch is a mat of plant material made up of grass stems and roots. A thin layer of this is good because it acts like mulch, which lessens evaporation. Too much thatch repels water, causes shallow roots and makes grass more vulnerable to drought. If thatch is over one-half inch, it is best to remove it with a vertical mower or power rake. Dethatching should be done during the summer months so Bermuda grass can recover fast.

Hopefully you have a better idea why you need Mesa lawn maintenance year-round. Should you have any questions about your Mesa lawn care maintenance or you would like to schedule a free consultation, give J&D Lawn Service a call.  Our professional Mesa lawn maintenance team is happy to help you in keeping your yard worry-free and looking great.