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scottsdale gardenerYou don’t have to be a Scottsdale gardener to know that the Arizona landscape can be beautiful. Its native mesquite trees and various types of cacti can provide the perfect backyard setting.

All you have to do to see numerous examples of Arizona native landscaping is take a drive throughout the Valley. Many home owners have chosen to use the native plants, trees and shrubs in their yard as their landscape design. These yards need minimum care and typically have low water use.

If you choose a natural landscape for your yard, our team at J&D can be your Scottsdale gardener to help create and maintain it. For example, we can keep all native plants, shrubs and trees but can remove dead tree limbs and any debris that may build up. With us on the job, your native Arizona landscape will look picture-perfect.

And of course for the traditional manicured yards, we provide services such as trimming, pruning, mowing and cutting. Manicured yards can have a variety of individual touches such as hedges that have been planted to create privacy, strategically planted trees to provide much-needed summer shade, and rock and cactus gardens.

No matter which style of yard you prefer, we have the experience and equipment to make it look its best. At J&D Lawn Service, our team of professionals will work with you to get your yard the way you want it. And keep it that way. We listen to our clients and work with them on the plan for their yard. Each step of the way. And, if at any time our work doesn’t meet the quality we stand by, we will strive to fix it.

At J&D Lawn Service, our approach is to always communicate with our clients. Not just for the initial meeting but throughout the entire service relationship. Give us a call if you’d like to take your Scottsdale gardener skills indoors. We’ll take care of the outdoors.