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Scottsdale lawn maintenanceNot sure who to turn to for your Scottsdale lawn maintenance? Our customers would tell you to give our professional services a try. A cut above the rest, we offer a variety of landscaping services. We can tackle everything from mowing to seeding to trimming, planting and clean up. Whether you have a small job or a large job, we’ll get it done right.

At J&D Lawn Service, we have a passion for lawn care. This shines through in everything we do, resulting in the most well-maintained yard and lawn for you. But don’t take our word for it, our customers have posted some great recommendations online.

Communication is key. Customers have expressed how important it is to communicate their vision for their yard with our crews. They tell us that communicating with our crews is easy. That’s because we place extra emphasis on communication to make sure we know what your expectations are so we can produce the best results. And as our customers will tell you, special requests don’t phase us. We will do everything we can to accommodate requests and make sure your Scottsdale lawn maintenance is the best it can be.

Our commitment to our services starts with the very first customer meeting. Our founder, Jim Leeper, is often involved with the upfront communication with new customers. It’s at this first meeting that you’ll see Jim’s enthusiasm for creating and maintaining beautiful yards and how that passion flows from him to our lawn care experts.

Other general customer feedback tends to focus on our friendly crews and how they always keep our customers’ lawns and yards looking great. Many of our crew members have been with us for years, and their love of their job shows through in their work.

If you want to read more customer testimonials, visit our website or check out our Facebook page. And if you’d like to meet to discuss your Scottsdale lawn maintenance, give us a call. We truly are in the business to make your lawn and yard look great.