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summer lawn careSummer lawn care in Arizona can be challenging but it’s definitely important. Arizona’s high temperatures and dry climate can make it difficult for lawns to grow and stay beautiful. At J&D Lawn Service, we can help you keep your lawn in great condition year-round. Even when it’s 120 degrees outside! (Hopefully we don’t have too many days like that!)

There are a few basic steps we take to make sure your lawn is in top shape. The first is to make sure your lawn has a healthy dose of fertilizer. This not only makes sure the lawn is getting the nutrients it needs, it protects the lawn from the harsh weather – especially in the summer months.

The second step to a beautiful lawn is weekly summer lawn care. Our professional and knowledgeable crew members will evaluate your yard and determine how often it needs to be mowed. For the best looking lawn, the grass should be no more than three inches in length. This will protect the grass’ crown, allowing it to grow and stay healthy.

Thirdly, it’s important to properly water the lawn. Installing a timer or programmer is best. We will determine what watering schedule is best for your lawn and then set the programmer for the appropriate time and days.

One step that many homeowners often disregard or overdo is fertilization. Just like any living thing, your lawn needs food. Feeding it too much or too little can cause the lawn to appear pale, yellow or just plain brown when there are burn spots. Our summer lawn care experts will make sure your lawn receives the proper amount of fertilizer. For both the summer and winter months when your lawn needs the most attention.

Even though the temperatures are sometimes off the charts in Arizona, you can still have a beautiful, lush lawn. If you want to take your lawn to a healthy level and keep it there, give us a call at J&D Lawn Service.