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weekly lawn maintenanceScheduling regular, weekly lawn maintenance can have many benefits for both you and your lawn. At J&D Lawn Service, our professional team will work with you to get your lawn in great, year-round shape. And we’ll work hard to keep it that way.

Arizona is a special state. Due to our consistently sunny weather, we can enjoy outdoor activities pretty much any time of the year. Whether it’s summer bar-b-ques, cool weather patio gatherings, or just hanging out, we know how important it is that your lawn looks good. This means minimizing yellow and bare spots… and keeping it as green as can be. Our weekly lawn maintenance can help keep your lawn looking good. Our services include everything from mowing, mulching and aeration to seeding, fertilization and installation. We take good care of your yard and treat it as if it was our own.

When it comes to our weekly lawn maintenance services, we are overseeding experts and use only locally grown, top-quality seed and fertilizer. This ensures that it’s ready to go for the unique Arizona climate. If you want beautiful green grass without the wait, we can also install sod directly from local sod farms. Whatever your vision is for your lawn, no job is too big or too small for us. No matter if you have a small patch of grass or live on acreage property, we have the right equipment and attitude to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction.

And when it comes to your benefits, weekly lawn maintenance prevents the regular bug attacks and allergy outbreaks. And spares your back and aching parts from the work. Additionally, if you’re dreading getting out and mowing your lawn in the summer heat, don’t sweat it! Give us a call and we’ll keep your lawn ready for summer and year-round fun.

When it comes to your weekly lawn maintenance, let us at J&D Lawn Service do the work. It’s our job to take care of your yard so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy life while admiring your professionally manicured lawn.