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Arizona summer grassThere are several different varieties of Arizona summer grass that can work for your lawn. Included in this list are Bermuda grass, Palmetto St. Augustine, Midiron, and Tifgreen 328. At this time of the year, if you don’t already have your Arizona summer grass planted and carefully maintained, your lawn may be experiencing some issues due to our extreme seasonal heat.

Since it’s already mid-July, you may be concerned about the condition of your lawn if it is dry, patchy, and brown. If you haven’t been on top of taking care of your grass yourself or had a professional lawn service taking care of your yard, then you may be thinking that you have no options for a beautiful lawn. People in this situation often just give up and wait until fall to start over.

But, depending on the exact condition of your Arizona summer grass, you may have some options. While it would be difficult to give you advice here without seeing your yard in person, we can suggest that you call us at J&D Lawn Service to make an appointment for a free consultation.

At J&D Lawn Service, we are committed to helping homeowners keep their lawns in tip-top shape, no matter what time of year it is. We have been servicing Phoenix-area homes for many years and have more than 35 years of landscaping industry experience among our management team. We pride ourselves in a hands-on approach. There is no job, large or small, that we can’t handle. If you have a small patch of grass or live on acreage, we are always enthusiastic to make your lawn beautiful—no matter what condition it starts off in.

If you are tired of looking at a yard filled with dry Arizona summer grass and want an expert opinion on how to get your lawn looking beautiful again, please give us a call at J&D Lawn Service. We are committed to helping you keep your lawn at its very best!