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J and D Lawn ServicJ and D Lawn Servicee is a full-service maintenance company that is committed to making our clients’ lawns and yards as beautiful as they can be. We are a locally owned lawn service company with more than 35 years of combined experience within our management team. Our teams in the field are knowledgeable and skilled, and they can service any size property from small townhomes to acreage properties with the same attention to detail.

But, J and D Lawn Service is committed to so much more. While our focus is providing exceptional lawn and yard care, we also believe in providing outstanding customer service. We value open communication and pride ourselves in unparalleled professionalism.

Here is what sets us apart:

In the lawn care business, it’s not unusual to expect unreliability. This is an unfortunate reputation. Many homeowners become frustrated because they wait around all day for their mowing service to arrive. It is understandable that sometimes service workers can run behind. But, without even a phone call, it is difficult to know when or if they are going to show. At J and D Lawn Service, we take great strides to be on time for your scheduled maintenance. Our goal is to always be there on the same scheduled day at about the same scheduled time. In fact, we have a 95% rate of staying on schedule! And, if there is ever a time when we have to reschedule, such as for weather or holidays, we communicate at the soonest possible time to let you know. Just as any professional service company should.

Speaking of communication, our team at J and D Lawn Service believes that talking and listening to our clients is the key to customer satisfaction. Upon our first visit to your home, you will have the opportunity to discuss your lawn care needs with J and D Lawn Service owner Jim Leeper or one of our many qualified foremen. There is no charge for this visit and you are given a free estimate for the work you desire. Once you contract with J and D Lawn Service, there will always be a foreman on site each time we come out with whom you can make any special requests or ask questions about your service.

Of course, the bottom line for us is making you happy with how your lawn and yard look. Our team at J and D Lawn Service has the skill and the experience in taking care of every kind of yard imaginable here in the Phoenix area. We train our teams to maintain lawns and yards in a specific way to ensure a good look. But we are always open to your preferences. We know there are many ways to make a yard beautiful. We also know that you have high expectations for our service. So do we. That’s why Jim Leeper makes a point of going out to sites daily to ensure quality control.

As you can tell, we at J and D Lawn Service care as much about your yard as you do. And, we care about giving you the best service in all of Phoenix. Give us a call today, and let us show you what we mean!