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Scottsdale Lawn GamesScottsdale Lawn Care

Quick! Before it gets too hot in Scottsdale, let’s get outside and enjoy some springtime fun. There are many options for lawn games that bring people together while enjoying the great outdoors. Perhaps you’ve been to The Yard in Phoenix and enjoyed their beanbag toss and outdoor ping pong tables. Would you like to bring some of that fun to your yard? Our Scottsdale lawn care service can help.

Pinterest has lots of fun ideas for outdoor entertainment, such as on this board about yard games. At J&D Lawn Service, we are seeing two big trends in outdoor lawn games: Retro and Indoor Goes Outdoor.

Retro Lawn Games

What’s old is new again! These traditional lawn games are back in style. Dressing up in your best whites for an old-fashioned game of croquet or badminton even adds to the fun. You can choose from:

  • Croquet
  • Bocce
  • Badminton
  • Mini golf
  • Lawn bowling
  • Ring toss
  • And many others

Indoor Games Move Outside to Your Lawn

There is also a great selection of indoor-goes-outdoor games. These games that were once exclusively indoor games can now be found or made into outdoor versions:

  • Ping pong
  • Jenga
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Pick Up Sticks
  • Even typical board games like Scrabble and Settlers of Catan

How fun would that be—to play a large-scale version of your favorite game outside in your yard? Whichever types of games appeal to your family and guests, you’ll want to make sure your lawn is in tip-top shape before setting out the games.

J&D Lawn Service Knows Scottsdale Lawn Care

Playing lawn games this spring won’t be nearly as much fun if you have to worry about lawn care and mowing. Even out the playing field—literally—with J&D Lawn Service’s professional services. We will take care of all of your lawn service need so you can simply enjoy the even, lush green of your lawn while you play. Let the games begin!