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Gilbert lawn maintenanceGilbert lawn maintenance is important for a number of reasons. The obvious, of course, is that you want to keep your lawn looking good. Your yard, both in the front and back of your home, is a reflection of the whole appeal of your home’s exterior. And, if you think about it, it can also reflect what your home looks like inside. If your yard is in disarray, it can give the impression that your home’s interior is not kept up either.

But, aside from cosmetic reasons for Gilbert lawn maintenance, there are also environmental reasons for keeping your yard in good shape.

For example, when compared to bare ground, grass helps reduce the temperature of the surrounding surface by about 30-40 degrees. It’s even been said that eight average lawns provide a cooling effect equivalent to the air conditioning found in 16 homes!

Grass is also an efficient filter for the air as it absorbs CO2, ozone, and other noxious gases. As an added bonus, grass releases oxygen, which of course, is extremely important to our environment. To give an example of how essential grass is to our health and survival, a 250-square-foot lawn—which is roughly the size of a one-car garage—can produce enough oxygen to meet the air quality needs of a family of four.

Another environmental benefit of grass is its ability to cleanse our water supply. This works as water washes and carries the many pollutants through the roots of your lawn. Estimates show that grass traps 12 million tons of dust and particulates each year while it filters pollutants and washes the dust back into the soil. The process continues as the grass then converts most of these pollutants into harmless organic compounds that build up soil and support more life.

So, how does Gilbert lawn maintenance come into play? The contributions that grass makes to our environment can only be fully realized when lawns are taken care of regularly and properly.

J&D Lawn Service specializes in taking care of yard so that it is both beautiful and environmentally healthy. If you would like more information about how we can help get your lawn into top condition, call us today. We believe in taking care of your lawn so your lawn can take care of you.