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green lawnIt’s that time of year again—spring is here and you are planning your Easter gathering. Whatever your celebration entails, some things never seem to change. A big part of every Easter, especially for children, is the Easter egg hunt. Picture a beautiful expanse of green lawn, dotted with colorfully decorated eggs. Even in the Arizona desert, a gorgeous green lawn is possible for your Easter egg hunt.

Did you know that the practice of decorating eggs goes back 60,000 years? Decorated ostrich eggs have been found in Africa and eggs with ornate gold and silver décor have been found in Egyptian and Sumerian tombs. More modern traditions incorporate not only chicken eggs in celebration of Easter and spring, but also candy eggs and colorful plastic eggs.

While these traditions have evolved over centuries, there is no doubt that the Easter egg hunt is as popular as ever. The White House Easter Egg Roll is an annual tradition that takes place on Easter Monday every year. This year the White House lawn will be the scene of a tradition that dates back to 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes was in office. This year, thousands of families will attend the event on the south lawn that features an egg rolling contest where children push eggs with long handled spoons in a race. As custom, the Easter Bunny will makes an appearance, ornate eggs will be displayed and cabinet members will read stories to the children.

Your own Easter event can happen on a gorgeous green lawn and we here at J&D Lawn Service would love to help you achieve that. We offer one time service as well as regular maintenance. We provide mowing, mulching and aeration of your lawn as well as seeding, fertilization and installation. At J&D Lawn Service, we pride ourselves on the best customer service in the Valley, landscaping expertise, and a true love for what we do.