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J and D Lawn ServiceIt’s only natural to believe that living in our arid, Arizona climate poses some limiting factors when it comes to water use. The drought that California is experiencing is a constant reminder of our vulnerability here to water shortages. This is a situation we at J and D Lawn Service take seriously. As such, our methods help you achieve a green lawn year-round without using extravagant amounts of water.

At J and D Lawn Service, we pride ourselves as experts in lawn care management  With our approach to maintenance, we provide the proper treatment for your yard and work toward the goal of minimizing water usage. Steps to a healthy, low-water use lawn include:

  • Dethatching: Thatch occurs when grass clippings collect on the top of the soil. While some does act as an insulating agent, keeping evaporation lower, too much prevents water penetration.
  • Aeration: The soils in this region compact easily and lawns require periodic aeration to loosen the soil that allows air and water penetration. After J and D Lawn Service finishes aerating the lawn, the water penetrates the surface much more quickly, resulting in lower water demand. The roots benefit, as well, since they receive the oxygen they require for sound health.
  • Soil monitoring: One of the more difficult challenges facing homeowners in the Valley is managing soil conditions. The water is hard and over time, the dissolved minerals build in the soil. This buildup interferes with water penetration and the ability of plant roots to take up the soil nutrients. The teams at J and D Lawn Service treat soils with natural products to keep the lawn’s underlying soil healthy.

Careful management of turf saves water, one of the desert’s most precious resources. When comparing the drought in California to this arid climate, bear in mind that the overall demands for water greatly exceed Arizona’s in general because of their higher population base and their role as the nation’s largest producer of fresh fruit and vegetables.

To learn more about managing your lawn to increase its health and beauty in this dry climate, contact J and D Lawn Service today.