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Pruning your shrubs iprunings not as much as a challenge as you would think. Landscaping is essential to helping you define your home. Think of it as a border. It outlines your house, and with the right bushes, can help shape the outer appearance.

Trying to find the right bushes to grow in this Arizona climate? Well, there are quite a few. And they are all low-maintenance with great appeal. Here are some of our favorite bushes to grow in Arizona.

  1. Green Hopseed Bush
    Found throughout Arizona, this is a slow growing evergreen shrub. It can get between12 – 15 ft. tall. This universal bush sprouts yellow flowers with a hint of green in spring and fall. This bush is easy maintenance, making pruning easy.
  2. Desert Lavender
  3. As if the name didn’t give it away, this bush is bountiful in Phoenix. Its fragrant foliage with is often used to make herbal tea.
  4. Bougainvillea Vine
    Another common desert bush, the bougainvillea vine gives the desert the pop of color it needs. With tons of colors to choose from, the foliage is bright to deep green and can grow up to 30 feet.
  5. Boxwood Beauties
    The Boxwood Beauty is an evergreen shrub. It’s very small, typically 2 feet tall and blooms fragrant white flowers, dark green leaves. It also produces 2-inch round fruits that turn red when they ripen in the summer. This bush is a favorite because it doesn’t have thorns and is suitable for walkways.
  6. Pygmy Date Palm
    Bringing the tropical feel to the desert, these soft, palms can vary in size. They can be dwarf size, perfect smaller yards or near pools. These are very low-maintenance and requires little pruning.

These bushes have never made your home look more beautiful. Their adaptability help keep pruning to a minimum. If you’re looking for some additional assistance in your landscaping needs, contact us at J&D Lawn Service. And we don’t beat around the bush, we just help you to!