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yard careThis is a great time to get caught up on yard care in Phoenix. It is spring and time to take advantage of the beautiful Arizona weather. Sprinklers are very important to keeping your yard care going well. Here are some things to keep in mind when checking your sprinklers:

  • Regular maintenance will not only help your yard care, it saves water as well. Turn on the sprinkler control valves and check for leaking from the valves themselves. Also check to see if there is any leaking from the pipe threads where pressure regulators or filters have been attached. Debris in the valves can also cause them to leak. If you take them apart and clean them, it could remedy the problem.
  • If you have a drip irrigation system, you should also check for leaks. Turn on each drip station by itself and make sure that the lines and emitters are working. You may have to move plants or soil to look at them properly.
  • If you have swampy areas, dying plants, erosion, water runoff, water spraying on the sidewalk or on the street, then you may have a problem with sprinkler heads and valves.
  • Checking for high water pressure is also important. You should look for overshooting spray, sprinkler nozzles blowing off, pipes breaking or spray that is misting. This can mean that water isn’t getting to your plants at the best rate and may end up being under watered.

When it comes to lawn care, we at J&D Lawn Service want to help you have the most beautiful lawn on your block.  We are happy to provide an estimate for any of our services. We are locally owned and have 35 years of experience in yard care and the landscaping industry in our management team. We provide lawn care and maintenance for jobs big and small. Contact us and see what we can do for you.