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J&D Lawn ServiceAnyone who has done any yard work in Phoenix knows that gardening and lawn care here follows a different rule book. The soils native to this region, the extreme heat in the summer, and the intense sunshine pose challenges that we at J&D Lawn Service have mastered. Our years of lawn care in the Valley, along with an emphasis in customer interaction, put us at the forefront of lawn service in the area.

What Makes Us Different

We treat each yard as if it were our own. Each one of our lawn care teams that visits a property has a managing on-site supervisor to ensure that the job is done correctly from start to finish. That supervisor is also available to communicate directly with you when necessary. When we visit your home for the first time, we’ll do a careful assessment of the yard and lawn to note any conditions that need special attention. Then, we work with you to come up with the perfect plan for your yard.

When on the job, we won’t leave the site until your lawn receives proper care. Throughout the year, lawns need fertilizing, aerating and de-thatching to grow their best. We keep you up to date on the condition of your lawn and when it’s going to need seasonal treatments.

As you are probably aware, another complication facing anyone trying to keep a lush, green lawn year-round in Phoenix is the need for a seasonal change in the type of grass to grow. J&D Lawn Service will overseed in the fall and spring when it’s necessary to switch from Bermuda grass to rye. The water in our region is exceptionally hard, but our knowledge and experience with these conditions gives us the expertise needed to avoid the salt buildups that could otherwise harm your soil and lawn.

Use of Local Resources

At J&D Lawn Service, we believe in keeping things local. All of the lawn products we use, including seed, sod and fertilizer, come from local sources. In this region, it’s far better to use locally grown plant materials because they’re adapted to the native soils, water conditions and temperatures.

Are you ready for the J&D Lawn Service difference? If so, please contact us today for your free consultation.